Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 17

GCHQ Headquarters run through Deepdream by Tony Clenaghan on Facebook

GCHQ Headquarters run through Deepdream 6x by Tony Clenaghan on Facebook

Blackwater! Whitewash! The Dead Web! The Return of John McAfee (to the headlines at least)! Build your own free, anonymous wifi box! All these and more are our headlines this Friday, so get that latte to go and get going!

McAfee Says NYSE Outage May Have Been a Cyber Attack; Anonymous Brags (CoinTelegraph) Tell us you didn’t fall for this, right? Anonymous didn’t do this. If they could do this I would have hit them up for a handout AGES ago. And I would have gotten it, too.

TERROR IN TERRE HAUTE!!!1! Listen: Indiana radio station hacked, plays Anonymous message (WishTV) Shades of Max Headroom!

That’s no moon! Itty bitty buckyballs found Innnnn! Spaaaaaaaaace! (PopSci)

Who dares lies: why do so many men pretend to have been in the SAS? (Spectator) What I want to know is how did they spin an entire article out of a question to which the answer is simply “Because they want to get laid”?

Le web est mort! Vive le web! (Medium) Is Instagram really the end of the internet?

Blackwater guard who testified against 4 others sentenced for 2007 shootings (WaPo) Whew, he’ll be out in ten months or so. But at least we got Barrett Brown for the next four years, eh? That’ll teach him to spout off on YouTube; he’d have saved three years of his life if he’d just shot some civilians.

First Look Media, Glenn Greenwald matching donations up to $60,000 for Chelsea Manning (Politico) And new fundraising initiative announced (FreedomOfPress)

After ProxyHam’s Disappearance, Here’s How to Make Your Own ProxyHam for Anonymous Browsing (Fossbytes) All wifi! All the time! Everywhere!

Violence in the age of the war on terror. (TheNewYorker) Is it only terrorism if it’s political?

Malala Yousafzai Celebrates 18th Birthday, Opens a School for Girls (Jezebel) For SYRIAN REFUGEE GIRLS. In LEBANON. And what have YOU done recently?

Police Arrest 20 in Digital Currency Pyramid Scheme (CoinDesk) Always, always verify the cryptocurrency in which you are investing actually, you know, exists.

The arsenal of SMS scammers, spammers and fraudsters (HelpNet)

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