Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 16

When refugees blame refugees for terrorism

When refugees blame refugees for terrorism

Welcome back to Monday, the Groundhoggiest day of the week, kittens! What did you miss over the weekend? Moar hacks, moar ops, moar blithering by political candidates. Anonymous and OpISIS swung into action with fresh purpose after the Paris attacks, the media suddenly started covering attacks in the Middle East and Africa after years of “oh yeah and stuff happened elsewhere: no Americans were killed,” and somewhere in Knightsbridge a lone wolf refugee spent much of the weekend blaming refugees for the violence in a now mostly-deleted series of tweets.


Millions of sensitive records exposed by mobile apps leaking back-end credentials (ITWorld)

Download o’ the Day: FPS mismanaged fleet, leases more cars than it has agents (OIG)

Intriguing Project o’ the Day: Interview a Vietnam Veteran With ProPublica and StoryCorps (ProPublica)

Five Things to Know About the Paris Attack (Slate)

The First Amendment and soliciting the murder of identified American soldiers (TheVolokhConspiracy)

The Doomsday Invention: Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? (TheNewYorker)

The Most Popular DarkWeb Markets (DeepDotWeb)

What Happens When Inmates Go From ‘The Box’ to Release? They Come Back. (Jezebel)

Hello. I’m Mr. Null, and my name makes me invisible to computers (Wired)

After Paris, ISIS moves propaganda machine to Darknet (CSO)

Confessions of an ISIS Spy (DailyBeast)

Brazilian Army Gets Hacked Following Cyber-Games Cheating Accusations (Softpedia)

An Experiment In Bitcoin Popularity And Security (CoinTelegraph)

Hackers falling back on old school techniques and automation (SCMagazine)

Norms of Cyber War in Peacetime (Lawfare)

An Emerging US ‘Drone Hub’ Is Making New Yorkers Nervous (DefenseOne)

How ISIS Sells Itself (WarOnTheRocks)

Unfortunate technical glitch of the day:


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