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The Chinese Net in Action

The Chinese Net in Action

The Net; you never know what you’re gonna catch. The other day I caught up with ancient-by-internet-standards cinematic classic The Net and was surprised by a) how prescient it was b) the fact that I appear to have become Sandra Bullock. Sweet! So the Santa Monica Pier chase scene was completely ridiculous; SO WHAT! I’m still holding out hope that CyberBob is still out there somewhere, having tricked a Russian spammer into answering the door to the Praetorian hitman. I remember how horrified everyone was at the extent of cyber-surveillance possible back in Ninety-whatever. Nowadays, we just take it for granted that it’s being done all the time, by corporations for money and by the government for control, and right there is how far we’ve come in twenty years.

I wouldn’t say the trend has been “up.”

On that dystopian note, here is the last link roundup for this week. Plenty to keep you perusing over the weekend when you, I, and everyone else is keeping their heads down, pretending they’re at Defcon.

Edward Snowden granted three years more of Russian asylum (CourageFoundation)

You’re scared of the wrong things (WarIsBoring)

Hacker PhineasFisher steals 40GB database of spy tool Finfisher from security contractor (Motherboard)

Deviant and Proud: humanity in an age of neoliberalism (Monbiot)

It’s Wikimania Weekend! (Wikipedia)

Congress caught editing Wikipedia mention of Snowden to call him “American traitor” (ArsTechnica)

Weird identity theft in Brooklyn: amazingly hipster-free story! (Gawker)

German spy co gets in on Bahraini Arab Spring action: against it (TheIntercept)

How Snowden broke the spy game (FP)

The CIA: is there anything it can’t get away with? (Guardian)

Unblocking websites? Running a proxy server? That’s a cuffing (TheRegister)

How to create a self-building origami robot (Science)

“Epic Turla” operation pits cyberspies vs spies, and the cyber won (Reuters)

Well, now we know why Canada’s been a hotbed of botting activity: Bitcoin botting! (Guardian)

“Godzilla” attacks Pakistan (AnonHQ)

Secrecy or Democracy? (HAX)

New brain-inspired superchip (DARPA)


Featured image of Chinese Fishing Nets by Tim Moffatt on Flickr


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