Geek Gift of the Day: #Cat Carrier

Okay, so it’s not an actual jet pack; it’s still purr geek and purr awesome: the U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Pet Carriers, Turquoise lets you take your feline companion on walkabout. The space-age bubble lets her peek out at the… Read More ›


Thank you, kittens! As of today your clickety-clicks have brought The Cryptosphere to 2000 Likes on Fedbook, 1724 Followers on Twitter (where we are, counterintuitively, @_cryptosphere), three or four retweets from WikiLeaks (swoon!), 260,000 views, mentions in Time, PC Week,… Read More ›

Defcon Pwn

So, this is how the Defcon Hacking Conference is going for someone today:   In short, s/he was using a Wifi Pineapple to try to do some of the mentioned-in-that-link nefarious stuff to the wifi at the conference. Instead of… Read More ›