Geek Gift of the Day: #Cat Carrier

U-pet cat carrier

Okay, so it’s not an actual jet pack; it’s still purr geek and purr awesome: the U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Pet Carriers, Turquoise lets you take your feline companion on walkabout. The space-age bubble lets her peek out at the world and the deep pack lets her cuddle up on the floor in privacy if she prefers. Additionally, the design uses you as a hot water bottle, and you know how cats love that!

Available in several models starting at $69 and going up to wheely version for $129, although you’ll be on a wait list for most of them. This $99 messenger bag version, however, is in stock, but there are only five left, so grab one while you can. It even ships in time for Christmas!


h/t John Biehler

Categories: Cats, Geek, Gifts, Hardware, Humor

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