Drone Wars: The Eagle Attack!

Drone Wars

Drone Wars

The latest in our ongoing coverage of the escalating Drone wars. Currently, biowarriors are kicking drone ass: first former sheeple, current rebel Rambro, and now this Unnamed Terror from the Skies.

RMIT UAS Research team dogfights with the king of the skies, where nature exhibits aerial supremacy over drones!

The attacked Micro-Air-Vehicle airframe (Alula) was kindly donated by Dream-Flight for Research purposes. It was instrumented with an autopilot programmed to autonomously slope soar.

Many times have birds attacked micro-sized aircraft, but rarely carried away as prey!

And then just sits on the ground and stares at it. Can’t you imagine its thoughts? “Can I eat it? Why doesn’t it struggle? Is it dead? Hey, is that an IMPERX Bobcat 2.0 military-grade imaging device? I’m gonna make NCO for sure now.”

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  1. Wedge-Tailed Eagles in Australia seem to be the biggest culprit – my drone was taken out yesterday!


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