Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber News for Today

a bridge in the darkness

a bridge in the darkness

As we get over hump day and stagger desperately towards the weekend which shimmers in the distance like the promise of redemption, the international news comes faster and faster, as aides-de-camp (des-camps?) shove press release after press release under the noses of increasingly-distracted journalists, hoping for some favorable coverage.

And then the White House goes and knocks them all off the front page by leaking State Department talking points to the Associated Press, which hasn’t had such a good day in years.

So there you go. A swift dose of perspective for all inhabitants of the Cryptosphere, right up the old hindquarters.

And now, today’s top headlines:

All the data breaches that happened in July except the one we just told you about (ITGovernance)

The USB stick’s fundamental, indetectible security flaw (Gizmodo)

DARPA seeks to invent a system which could perform searches of content on the internet. Google wonders, “Should we tell them?” (FedBizOps)

Your anti-virus system has an Achilles Heel, and here it is (Techworm)

From the Department of Should End Well: The Las Vegas strip gets a Bitcoin ATM (Newegg)

Russia annexes Crimean internet (renesys)

Longread of the Day: Department of Homeland Security’s report Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Has Taken Steps To Address Insider Threat, But Challenges Remain (DHS)

374 million customer records compromised last year (HelpNetSecurity)

Even the Pentagon hates GPS, goes full Benjamin Franklin (WarIsBoring)

Two more British hacks charged with hacking (BBC)

The StubHub gang stubbed out (HSToday)

Intelligence Community attempting to cope with “Perfect Storm” (LATimes)





Featured Image by Domiriel on Flickr

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