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From the looks of it, today is The Day of that old Aussie/Swedish/Amero-Russian mafia: new leak from WikiLeaks strikes back at the country of their founder, Snowden digs in, The Atlantic dials the mid-90’s, cyberpriest called to Swedish prison, stand by for a Class 1 Irony Alert at the NOAA, and just exactly how much you are paying the NSA to watch you.

WikiLeaks publishes Australian suppression order (WikiLeaks)

Australia reports on Australian suppression of Australian reporting on Australian suppression order (TheAge)

The Private Prison Project (Muckrock)

Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks (TheAtlantic)

Fun FTC complaints about dating site scams (MuckRock)

NIPRCC releases email complaints about ThePirateBay. Hilarity ensues. (PolityNews)

Interpol burgled, computers stolen, who do they report THAT to? (Yahoo)

Pirate Bay co-founder demands to see pirate priest (RT)

NOAA security system decreases security (Softpedia)

The true economic cost of NSA surveillance (Scribd)

Snowden applies for another year of asylum in Russia (Courage)


PS: A hat tip. Would it kill you? You know who you are.

Featured Image by Kenmainr on Flickr

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