Crypto-Affirmations: @TrutherbotGreen on war crimes

There IS, unfortunately, a fair bit of proof he’s right… Revealing war crimes is more dangerous than comitting war crimes. #Manning #Assange #Wikileaks — trutherbotgreen (@trutherbotgreen) November 10, 2015

Trolling Level: Nobel Prize

Presented without further comment: Well, just one little comment: the actual Nobel Prize Twitter account has 165,000 Twitter followers. This upstart has only 17 at the time of posting this article. The real winners were the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet…. Read More ›

A (Secure) Chat with WikiLeaks

Today’s article comes to us from Interwebs Security correspondent Tyler L. Jones. It is his first appearance in the Cryptosphere. WikiLeaks is at it again. This time, in an effort to provide a method of secure communication between themselves and whistleblowers,… Read More ›