Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for July 10

USB spy via Politico on Twitter

USB spy via Politico on Twitter

TG to the IF, kittens! And to top it off, it’s my birthday! And in four short days, The Cryptosphere’s birthday, too!

What did you get us?

Oh? Oh. Oh, it’s okay. No, no, it’s fine.

You do know we don’t expect you to run to the store at the last minute. We would never ask that of you. We’re not here to make your life more difficult; we’re just here to make it better-informed. And perhaps guilt-ridden.

BTC: 1DhLM7wAg2wT8s6tmrQxfrqH5rMHJg7K7U. Just putting it out there. Just sayin’.

I helped invent the Internet of Things. Here’s why I’m worried about how secure it is. (Politico)

WikiLeaks is all over this Hacking Team leak (WikiLeaks)

Revealed: The true extent of Hacking Team contacts across Europe. (Medium)

The Debt Collector is Now Following You (FastCo)

Hacking Team Leaks Reveal Spyware Industry’s Growth, Negligence of Human Rights (EFF)

The 6 Craziest Stories From Filming a Documentary About Mexican Cartels (Vulture)

WikiLeaks Is Now a Target In the Massive Spam Attack on Bitcoin (Motherboard)

Huge Hack of US Government Data Affected 21.5 Million (SecurityWeek)

Nearly 9% of Americans are angry, impulsive – and have a gun, study says (LATimes)

The CATO Institute comes out for Kim Dotcom (CATO)

Leaks reveal Azerbaijan spent $384,000 on spyware but lacked tech skills to use it (MeydanTV)


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