Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Sept 2

Sleepy Hacker via HopelessBaka on Tumblr

Sleepy Hacker via HopelessBaka on Tumblr

Shh, kittens, shhhh. Not so loud. Our warren of cyborg webmonkeys is having a difficult morning; seems someone swapped in decaf for caf in the socialist communal coffee pot, and they’re mostly crying softly, and distinctly unenergetically, into their keyboards. Let’s not disturb them. The Overseer is passing out chocolate covered espresso beans to stave off the DTs, so they’ll be fine. Let’s just tiptoe over here to where the links are written prominently on our interactive whiteboard and sneak a sip from the editor’s special blend French press she thinks we don’t know about.

Ah, Yergacheffe! Ethiopia is the worst country with the best coffee: just ask the UN!

And now, the news!

Wanna read Hillary Clinton’s emails online? Oh yes, you do! (FOIAVirtualReadingRoom) Am I in them?

The Shemitah – Are We Just Days Away From Global Economic Destruction? (CoinTelegraph)

Chelsea Manning on the luxury of privacy (Paper)

The Legal Rationale For Killing An Enemy Hacker (or Could You Be The Next Junaid Hussain)? (DigitalDao)

German police ask public to stop bringing donations for refugees (Telegraph)

Brazil mayor who ran town via WhatsApp wanted for corruption (BBC)

In celebration of MacGyvering: 90 hacks to welcome in a new word (TreeHugger)

China Announces ‘US Intelligence Officer’ Job Openings (DuffleBlog) ICYMI this is satire. But it might as well not be.

Feds Who Stole $167,000 in Cash from Innocent Man in Civil Forfeiture Seizure Refusing to Return it Despite Judge’s Order (PINAC)

Secret Memos Reveal Details Of Julian Assange’s Troubled Three-Year Stay In Ecuador’s Embassy (Buzzfeed)

Two Canadians, whose parents are Russian spies, are fighting to keep their citizenship (NationalPost)

Download o’ the Day: Raw Thought, Raw Nerve: Inside the Mind of Aaron Swartz (

Former Silk Road Task Force Agent Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering and Obstruction (FBI)

Hello Future Pastebin Readers: Welcome to the New Normal (TheMessage) by Quinn Norton

UK’s National Crime Agency hit by DDoS attack, following LizardStresser arrests (WeLiveSecurity)

Victims of US gov’t mega-breach still haven’t been notified (TheRegister) Just assume you have been

The mission and capabilities of the FBI Cyber Division (ITWorld)

Who Killed Central Africa’s Most Feared Spy? (WarIsBoring)

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