AnonCoders vs the UK (the US, Liberia, and Others)

AnonCoders on Facebook, Take 3

AnonCoders on Facebook, Take 3 (First two pages fell to Facebook police de-activating their admins)

That’s not cricket!

Prolific pro-Muslim hacking crew AnonCoders, who emerged only a few months ago, have been on a tear lately, targeting websites in the UK particularly (full list below the interview), including the esteemed Gentleman’s Journal (although not The Chap; they left our fave alone, praise be to the Great Sky Corgi). They defaced (rather than leaked, eg Ashley Madison) fifty sites, from the National Civil Society Council of Liberia to the humble CitySparkles, a UK house cleaning service website, and not neglecting to hit Washington and Harvard along the way.

Defaces can be achieved several ways, but are not themselves inherently dangerous to the rest of the site, or to the databases of information stored within. They are like having someone stick a poster up over your front door; the house itself is just fine.

We spoke to one member of the team about why these hacks in particular, and were lead down a rabbit warren of 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, FBI assassinations, Israeli Imperialism, and more.

Naturally, if you listen to the hackers, it’s all Israel’s fault. What is? Well, basically everything.

The Cryptosphere: So why are you doing this? Why the UK in particular?

AnonCoders: AnonCoders is targeting different government websites of the world to spread the message:

That Muslims Are Not Terrorists. And The World To Open Eyes. And To Help Palestine Be Free From The Zionists.

“There are a lot of states like USA, Britain, France, Germany who have a lot of money. In Africa and Asia and a lot other places people don’t have water. Don’t have [decent] conditions. Don’t have food. Don’t have family. Why [these] big states don’t do anything?”

“And why the wars against Muslims are created in these places like Iraq and Syria? Because Israel want to create Big Israel. And USA want oil from these places. If one Israel soldier die. [the whole] world start with [social media] statuses that “Muslims are terrorist.” But when thousands of Palestinian people die, [the people of the] world don’t say anything.”

“We hack to increase the dignity of Muslims in the eyes of the people who hate Islam. Islam is not terrorist. Everything is made by Israel. 9/11 by Israel. The Charlie Hebdo attack by Israel. All by Israel and USA. If other European big states don’t open eyes, a lot of innocent people will die.”

The Cryptosphere: How could the Charlie Hebdo attack possibly be attributable to Israel?

AnonCoders: “The people who died was Muslims. [ed. note: This claim is false] Even in the grocery one Muslim helped Hebrews to be survived.”

The Cryptosphere: But really???

AnonCoders: “All of these are inside jobs. In 9/11 attack in the Twin Towers in the attack day no one with Israel nationality came to job that day. But why? Interesting. This send us to conclusion that Israel did this too.”

The Cryptosphere: Moving on…

“Most of People are blind, they can’t [see the] difference between positive and negative things, because the Governments of the World has brainwashed them, and we will keep exposing the truth.”

“World is being destroyed by so many wars . We want a world of peace where people love each others and not hate them. A world where all are equals and no racists. They want make war between Muslims and create big Israel. Which will include Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and other states near Israel. That’s why all this wars. And USA help Israel and make wars only for oil and money of Syria Iraq and other states.”

Everything is for money and no one care for people

The Cryptosphere: Well, we agree on one thing at least.

List of hacked sites, with their Zone-H or BlackCyberRoot snapshots:

The Gentlemans Journal
Daily Jobs Post
Neyland Town Council
Hyndland Primary Parent Council
Tactics UK | Police (Https)
India Police Science Congress
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK
The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
Petronia City
Bradford City Academy
Huguenot Museum
Gscene Gay Magazine ( | Death To Pedos)
The Stone and Eccleshall Gazette,
Confidence University
West Hampstead Life | West Hampstead’s digital newspaper
Pars Herald – Global News
Sportsister – The sports magazine for women
Guerilla Investing

SubDomain of New York Film Academy

Harvard University SubDomain

Washington Area Intergroup Association

Official Exponential Times


Nashama Official Jordania Radio Owned

National Civil Society Council of Liberia


This post has been updated to reflect that AnonCoders specifically deny they are part of Anonymous.

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  1. The U.S. Is behind 9/11 and Isreal is in deep with the U.S. Gov. Washington DC is considered the 2nd Isreal. The U.S. Had original plans to fly planes Into buildings in the 1960’s to frame Cuba but it was not an adopted plan until 2000 and the target for war was no longer Cuba but the Middle East. That would explain why Isreal pulled their workers on 9/11


  2. Anon-Script-Coders are kids, no hacking skillz. If you guys from Cryptoshere take a look at some hacked sites .. and especially saved in mirror BlackCyberRoot this only means they rehacked sites what hackers defaced 2-3 days before. Script Kiddies everywhere Copy & Paste isn’t hacking.. And hacking sites like Shop sites or sites with 1 visitor per day makes no sense .. closer look at their mirror in zone -h shows they didn’t hacked many government sites, saved in zone -h are maybe only 5 government sites, the rest defaced government sites are rehacked..


  3. Good Job AnonCoders (y)


  4. Best Team <3 good job


  5. Mashallah ^_^
    proud to be Muslims
    love from turkey <3


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