Interwebbed #Cyber and #Crypto #News for Sept 3

TactiCOOL magazine, for the tactisexual in your life. Via Gary Wickmiller on Facebook

TactiCOOL magazine, for the tactisexual in your life. Via Gary Wickmiller on Facebook

Today’s link roundup is brought to you by the Letters inspired by Mail to the Jail, the Number of Black and First Nations People Shot by Police, and by the Concept of Plausible Deniability.

Smeared by Iran’s State-Run Media: A Journal Reporter’s Story (WSJ)

Download o’ the Day: the greatest security rant you may ever read (Usenix) And you MUST read it. Really you MUST. If only for the part about the amphibious Ronald McDonald.

Australian man sentenced for inciting others in #OpAustralia (Databreaches) Surprisingly less punitive sentence than expected. Is Australia softening up?

This Is What It’s Like to Teach English in North Korea (VisionTimes) More or less like what you’d expect.

New Ferguson report offers lessons on handling protests (AP) Um, lemme guess: not like that?

Barrett Brown vs. the Dept of Justice – Defining the Right To Link (RevolutionNews) by Cryptosphere contributor Douglas Lucas

Hackers Can Hack Smart Sniper Rifles Running on Linux And Change Its Target (Fossbytes)

Wikimedia sweeps shill accounts after stunt doubles, waterparks scammed (TheRegister)

Popular Android AppLock app full of gaping security holes (HelpNet)

3-D Printing Breaks the Glass Barrier (MIT)

The Return of the Automat (SFGate) Cue the return of existential ennui…

U.S. Army Veteran Helps Kurds Who Fight Iran (WarIsBoring)

Data Breaches by the Numbers (SecurityWeek)

Canadian Police Chiefs: ‘RESOLVED: The Warrant Requirement For ISP Subscriber Data Makes Our Job Harder. Please Fix.‘ (TechDirt) OR “Hey, can we just skip that whole “protection from unreasonable search” thing?

Inside the head of your company’s cyber traitor (ITWorld)

OPM (Mis)Spends $133M on Credit Monitoring (Krebs) to retroactively protect all those workers whose data was stolen

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Obama authorizes Special Forces, CIA, to conduct assassinations in Syria (IntelNews)


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