AnonUKRadio Speaks to Reddit Mod Behind r/ #Anonymous Turning Furry

Doge Fawkes via Rebloggy

Doge Fawkes via Rebloggy

It was all a plot! An actual, genuine conspiracy! The moderators of the Reddit subsite devoted to Anonymous conspired together and took action; there was no popular vote. There was no referendum. There was no due process. There was just…BOOM.

The co-conspirators took the earnest, sometimes venerated halls of the staid Anonymous subreddit and blew them all to Kingdom Come, leaving in place a Furry sex site complete with comic sans, pastel rainbow colour scheme, and a—heh—dogged insistence from those same moderators that it had always been thus.

Anyone can tell a flagrant lie; it takes a real professional to double down on it with 28,000 subreddit followers following along (and howling with outrage).

One of those real professionals spoke to us last week about the way the trap was sprung on the unsuspecting users. He spoke with AnonUKRadio on Sunday, August 30 in more detail, and we’re not one to let this story get away from us, so here, with permission of the presenters, is the two-part, and epic, podcast.

[audio] [audio]

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