Harper defends Syria stance as questions arise over family’s attempt to come to Canada

The Syrian child whose body washed ashore and formed the subject of the most heartbreaking portrait of the year…was trying to come to Canada, where he has relatives who have been living for 20 years. Here is what you need to know about each of the political parties’ positions on the matter:

“The NDP would bring in 10,000 refugees to Canada as quickly as the next few months. The Liberals say they would open the country’s welcome mat to 25,000 of the migrants.

But Conservative leader Stephen Harper defended his actions as prime minister. He acknowledged in an emotional voice that as a father he found the photo of a dead boy on the Turkish beach to be “heartbreaking.”

However, he said the tragedy goes far beyond this one case, and that there are “millions” of people who need help through both refugee placements and military airstrikes against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.”

And he, apparently, is willing to help none of them any more than he helped this one.

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