Interwebbed #Cyber and #Crypto #News for Sept 4

ISIS Chan Tornado via Imgur

ISIS Chan Tornado via Imgur

Whee, kittens! It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate and spread the kawaii luv with ISIS Chan, seen here with her identical twin bringing the “Yayyyyy” factor to an otherwise dour meeting of Daesh fighters.

We at Cryptosphere World Headquarters are atoning for our sins by doing Sober September, but we’re keeping our spirits and energy up to ISIS Chan tornado levels by drinking real coffee after 1pm, and putting cream in our 2% lattes. It’s just how we roll.

Let’s roll on to the top news headlines from around the Cryptosphere today, shall we? If you’re confused by the image above, read the first link for an introduction to the wonder that is ISIS Chan.

This Anime Girl Is The Cutest Way The Internet Is Fighting ISIS (Buzzfeed) If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance ISIS Chan is your waifu.

Texan sentenced for scheme that was truly Mickey Mouse (FBI)

More than 250,000 iPhones hacked (CNN)

Protester Arrested for Wearing ‘Aylan Should Be Here’ T-Shirt at Stephen Harper Event (Vice)

Hey, they spy on rich white people too! Who knew? Undercover FBI agents spy on Burning Man festival to prevent ‘terrorism’ and test out new ‘intelligence collection’ technology (DailyMail)

‘I was only hoping to provide a better life for my children,’ father of drowned migrant boy says (GlobeAndMail)

Greater Manchester police website downed by hackers (Guardian) Please don’t mistake this pseudonymous hacker for an Anonymous hacker, as SOME news outlets have. DIFFERENT.

Watch this video of China attacking the US (FoxtrotAlpha) Okay, so it’s a Chinese propaganda video. At least they label theirs.

Fundraiser o’ the Day: Eco Warriors Legal Defence Fund (Fundrazr) on behalf of the Vancouver Island Forest Action Network Society

Cyberarmies rising? (SCMagazine)

8 of the most unsettling things you’ll find on the darknet (ITWorld)

These men’s rights activists are using a 1950s law to shut down women in tech (Yahoo)

Stingray stung: FBI told ‘get a warrant’ (TheRegister)

Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan: the DAF (Roar)

Hollywood Agency Shopping Rights to Mt Gox Movie (CoinDesk) Seth Rogen’s leading role to lose…

Swarm Shuts Down as ‘Pretty Boy’ Co-Founder Blamed for Demise (CoinTelegraph)

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