#Reddit Wars: #Anonymous Subreddit Pranked, Converted to Furry Forum

Anonymous furries unite! Um, wait a minute... via r/Anonymous on Reddit

Anonymous furries unite! Um, wait a minute… via r/Anonymous on Reddit

What would Guy Fawkes do?

He’d probably clutch his pearls and ruffle and swoon clean away. The Internet’s Front Page, ie Reddit, has converted the relatively popular r/Anonymous subreddit from a hacktivism-centric zone for political and elitist poo-flinging into a…forum for Furry sex?

I don’t know who did this but I want to buy them a beer.

Furry Anonymous by Sega on Deviantart

Furry Anonymous by Sega on Deviantart

According to a recent post on the subreddit, made by DAD_TOUCHES_MY_BUTT, a new moderator:


Welcome to Furries Anonymous, our humble lilly pad on the web! _^

This subreddit is dedicated to the promotion and discussion of internet based anthro (“furry”) subculture. Anonymity optional!


Clause A: A is for Absolute Law. Global rules apply. (No posted or linked personal information, spam, malicious links, or illegal content of any sort will be tolerated)

Clause B: B is for Bullying. /r/Anonymous is a SAFE SPACE for women, minorities, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Absolutely no disrespectful or intolerant content will be allowed. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated.

Clause C: C is for Community. Respect your fellow furry friends and respect the mission and spirit of the community. Any content deemed disrespectful towards our overall goal or our members will be removed.

Clause D: D is for Derailment. Do not derail any posts by our community members. /r/Anonymous has ALWAYS been a haven of gathering for our furry brothers and sisters, ever since its founding. Suggesting otherwise or posting unrelated topics is derailment.

Clause E: E is for Eat a Dick. Mods are Gods.

Related Subreddits: /r/furry /r/dragons /r/furryartschool /r/anthro /r/lapfoxtrax /r/fursuit /r/scaley /r/twokinds/r/furrykikpals /r/fursona /r/r4rFurry /r/furry_wordsmith /r/FurryWallpapers /r/furry_catwalk /r/teenfur/r/sergalsergalsergal /r/feralfur /r/feathery /r/graymuzzles /r/SecondLifeFurry /r/flobby

Longtime readers of the Cryptosphere have probably clued into the fact that we’re more or less Team Anonymous around these parts, but we’re also pretty Team Reddit Sux, and big fans of glorious, swaggy trolling, so while on the one hand we’re all “but where will we go to explain that Jeremy Hammond is not a famefag now” but on the other hand we’re all, “yaaaah, this is AWESOME.”

It is, unquestionably, hilarious.

Clause D is our favourite: if you’re gonna lie, might as well make it a BIG one, and stick to it. And be sure and kill off your rivals, using the banhammer and the shadowbanhammer.

One of the old-time moderators had this to say:

Old threads are still there, if you can find them behind all the hastily-posted furry threads, but the site has undergone a rainbow-gif-pet-heavy makeover and has become the Reddit equivalent of dipping a cherry Popsicle into powdered Kool Aid, and licking it. While watching bunnies hump. Diabetics and anti-bunny porn activists are warned to steer clear.

One of the users of the old, Anonymous, subreddit, has created a new one, r/AnonNews, which as yet has little content, and as former(?) mod Ramona Little has pointed out, several other alternatives exist as well.

Amusingly, a post about the issue, made to the subreddit “SubredditDrama” was removed by moderators, as too self-referential.

In the comments, multiple redditors are comparing the situation to the recent takeover of r/PunchableFaces, which was devoted to just what you imagine, and was recently taken over by a person or persons who decided it was too mean to post faces you wanted to punch, and forced the juggernaut into a detour.

A look at the bot-generated Twitter feed for the subreddit r/Anonymous indicates that the change happened sometime between 3:33 pm on August 23rd, when this was tweeted:

and 4:23pm on August 23rd, when this was tweeted:

The new moderators apparently do not have the keys to the Twitter account, as the background and header are unchanged from the old, Fawksian standards.

As one user pointed out, “All but 1 of the old mods have gone inactive for about a month.” Any single moderator could have done this, of course; alternatively, any of them could have been hacked and the hacker made the chance through that hacked account. That would be more traditional, unless one of the mods has suffered a recent psychotic break.

Nonetheless, we applaud you, nameless troll(s). For once, Reddit was actually interesting today.

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