#Anonymous Sub-#Reddit in Entertaining Death Throes: We Interviewed the Assassin


Screenshot of r/Anonymous October 29

Screenshot of r/Anonymous October 29

Ah, Reddit, the text-based wonderland where news is born and shame goes to die. Ah, Anonymous, the once-anarcic prankster of the internet, now turned grim avenger and righteous “moralfag.” When the two of them got together, we knew it would be trouble.

As Cryptospherians might recall, back in August there was an internal revolt among the moderators of the r/Anonymous subreddit, a fairly substantial one with over 28,000 members. The victorious faction, fed up with the simpering do-gooder faction, booted them and turned the subreddit into The Furry Pad, a place for sex-themed posts by fursuit fetishists.

This, predictably, did not go over well among the moralfags, who took to other areas of Reddit and the larger internet to voice their displeasure.

Nonetheless, a determined group kept attempting to use the r/Anonymous subreddit for, you know, Anonymous stuff instead of furry sex jokes, and finally the core prankster had had enough.


I think you’ll agree: three seconds is quite enough of that.

The only intelligible part of that page now reads “Go away. NYPA” and of course NYPA is Anon-speak for “not your private army.” One of the moderators told us that the continued requests to “raise Anonymous” and get involved in every petty dispute or noble crusade on the planet was not what he got into this for, and that it was a significant factor in the choice to blow up r/Anonymous.

The central moderator behind the change gave us an interview about the latest changes. He freely admits he was blackout drunk during the interview, but we and he both feel that it is nonethless both newsworthy and informative. Hell, if certain politicians admitted they were blackout drunk when they did certain things, a lot of drama could be prevented.

The Cryptosphere: Won’t Someone Think of the Furries???? Poor things. Are real furries actually using the group? Is anyone?

Blackout Drunk Reddit Moderator: At this point the furry sub-plot is tiring and we’re not really good actors. Even after three months of killing the website, even restricting posting to approved submitters…TRYING DESPERATELY to point out that this [subreddit] is a gravestone and no longer an active subreddit…people still don’t get it so fvanon decided to steal the css code [which is responsible for the look of a web page] from /r/ooerintensifies. If no one gets the point, no one gets to read.

(Smart people will point out that anything that can’t read CSS can still view the page unmolested…but if you’re still trying to post about activism on r/anon after 2 years of this shit…I think you may need Jesus or a bullet)

But tell us how you really feel…What kind of blowback have you had?

Some pack of edgelord twentysomethings that still clutch onto the furry-bashing fervor of the old days got some sand in their cunts on /r/anonymousinaction for 5 minutes but as a whole the real majority anger came from activist circlejerks and the fucktards on places like topminds, SRC, drama, etc that take the community seriously. There were some angry, minority voices in the actual furry community that got buttmad because furries are now very self-loathing as a whole and realize that they are their own worst enemy. Anyone or anything that spits in the face of them trying to reform their image as a toxic fetish community is a threat to people that take such things seriously.

We called them fags and laughed at them, because we’re all still 12.

People complained for a minute and left. We now float at about 28k subs, which means about only 1500 live people read the fucking thing and the rest are either dead, banned, bots or otherwise redundant garbage.

What are the moderators doing now?

Moving on with our lives. We’re fucking done with this shit. We all have jobs, and people that we care for or care for us. Too busy to care about invisible government sponsored bogeymen and heroin-addicted fuckstains that call themselves journalists then not only try to become the center of attention but also try to get people killed that try to stop them. As for who was in on it, we all were, and the Freemasons and the UN gave us blowjobs while we did it.

I migt be very drunk. Fuck.

What are the Reddit admins doing about the changes?

Hopefully the reddit admins ban anything that has to do with Anonymous and I can jack off to the sight of “page not found” soon.

Let’s talk about some technical details. What is the connection to Hybrid IT, which is referenced? Why is there an anteater on the page?

Hybrid IT security is what happens when a /mlp/ shitposter high on cocaine fucks his computer while demanding he be able to cum inside Rainbow Dash. The computer becomes the security, because what is birthed by that unholy congress is a screaming, flaming mass of alienware. Nobody wanna hack dat sheeit.

The anteater was /u/fvanon’s idea and means different things to different people. To some, the anteater symbolizes a really long weird tongue and a weird long face that looks like someone just took a horses snout and stretched it too much. Some people that I just made up worship the anteater as a cult centered around cunnilingus, fertility, and felching. To me, it symbolizes how much I want to be led to the gay bath house to cum inside Rainbow Dash.

I honestly don’t know anything about any of this.

So, what next for the flaming crater which is r/Anonymous? What’s next for you?

Hopefully the subreddit itself is a recruitment ad for federal prison and all the free man-love. Dicks for life, brohame.

I’m going to now expose myself at a daycare while fellating a loaded .45.


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