Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for August 31

Roboglitch by Robert Dwain Amason via Glitch Artist Collective on Faceboook

Roboglitch by Robert Dwain Amason via Glitch Artist Collective on Faceboook

Happy Monday, kittens? It’s going to be Monday all day, and how do we feel about that? A little glitchy ourselves, no doubt.

Well, we are here for you. In fact, we were here for you on the weekend covering the hysteria over the hoax about SpyEye trojan creator Hamza Bendelladj being sentenced to death. There we were, working hard, late into the night Saturday and early Sunday morning just to get YOU kittens the real scoop, and we get the feeling Algeria STILL doesn’t believe us.

It’s okay, we’ve still got our poetry.

And our news links!

LizardStresser: Six people arrested in connection with Lizard Squad’s DDoS attack tool (GrahamCluely)

Ashley Madison hacked potential competitor, leaked emails suggest (TheRegister)

The Looming Problem That Could Kill Bitcoin (MIT)

France Has Cool World War II Forts (WarIsBoring)

The Pirate Bay is Down We Repeat The Pirate Bay is Down! (Torrentfreak)

Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia (USAHitman)

Looting Made Easy: the $2 Trillion Buyback Binge (CounterPunch)

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