Matt DeHart’s Case on AnonUK Radio

Matt DeHart flanked by Anons via #GHC_sec on Twitter

Matt DeHart flanked by Anons via #GHC_sec on Twitter

This past Sunday your humble editor was a guest, along with Cryptospherians Raymond Johansen and Kitty Hundal, on Anon UK Radio. The cast of characters includes The Dread Pirate Bailey, StLouisGal, your host G3arhead, your other host T0p, and regular BaDiTuP. The show was more focused and less anarchic than most, as we were all there speaking about the strange, twisted, and seemingly endless case of Matt DeHart, who has been the subject of several articles here.

Recently, the mainstream US media has picked up on DeHart’s case, including important feature articles in Newsweek and perennial top ten website BoingBoing. It’s likely that David Kushner’s high-profile feature in Buzzfeed lit a fire under the rest of the media, who now fear being left behind on an important whistleblower story.

Here’s the three hour Anon UK Radio show from Sunday, May 24.

Part One:


Part Two:


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