Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 6

Anonymous Israel via OpFerguson on Twitter

Anonymous Israel via OpFerguson on Twitter

Shalom, kittens, and a Hacky Hump Day to you all. We’re here with your RDA of cyber and crypto news links, an important part of your nutritious breakfast. Oh, who are we kidding? You’re shotgunning a latte and scarfing a bagel like every other poor working sod, aren’t you? Well, here’s your brain supplement for the day.

Will the real Anonymous OpBaltimore please stand up? As pointed out here last week, Anonymous seems to have two OpBaltimores, and they do not seem to get along. AnonIntelGroup gets to the bottom of the story. (AnonIntelGroup)

The Return Of Grooveshark!!! Yes, recently-shuttered music site Grooveshark is back, baby, and its new owner is shrouded in mystery. (ArsTechnica)

Interestingly, the loser in that fight has been silent since that article went live (Twitter)

The Prime Minister of Singapore is a C++ coding, Sudoku-slaying stone cold geek. He’s posted Sudoku-solving code to his Facebook page and asked for bug reports (ArsTechnica)

New Rombertik malware is mal-er than most. If it senses you may be on to it by running it in a virtual machine, it basically goes full metal coup, tries to seize control of your machine’s root directory. (ExtremeTech)

There’s a website where you can order Extinct Startup Tees. Now includes Grooveshark. Where’s my Friendster shirt, dammit? (ExtinctStartupTees)

Meet the Westerners who fight against ISIS. “The reason we go to Kurdistan is that we can do something about it [there]. We can fight against them” says [one Dutch national]. “I can’t fight against ISIS in Germany, or England, or France because I’ll go to jail.” (Now)

Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any lower: “Christian” game developer uploads game to shoot LGBT people. People are…wait for it…Steamed. (DailyKos)

WikiLeaks has relaunched their anonymous submissions system. Here is why that was necessary. (TheVuePost)

Dragon on steroids: How the NSA turns your spoken words into searchable text automatically. Or, as Adrian Lamo says, “Government agency makes free, cloud-stored backup for ungrateful nation.” (TheIntercept)

It Happened To Me: I got skimmed in Mexico (Gizmodo)

Happy 151st birthday to Nellie Bly, crusading muckraking pioneering reporter. Going undercover for weeks at a mental hospital is NOT for the faint of heart. (Pictorial)

VERY interesting. The Finance Minister of Nepal has decreed that all funds for relief of victims of the earthquake are to be immediately transferred from private bank accounts into the state account. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations, since the are not traded through banks, are immune to this. (CoinTelegraph)

Red Shirt. Red Wedding. Red Gate. All of these things are, significantly, like the others. All about Red Gate Industries, where targeted killing is simply good business (PhaseZero)


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