Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 2

Sarah O'Connor tweets the Robot Uprising. Image via Adrian Lamo on Facebook. Trifecta.

Sarah O’Connor tweets the Robot Uprising. Image via Adrian Lamo on Fedbook. Skynet Trifecta.

It’s too early in the week for a robot uprising, but that didn’t stop one enterprising machine in a German auto plant. And it didn’t stop poor FT employment columnist Sarah O’Connor from tweeting out the news before she realized there’s a new Terminator movie out and this was going to be her fifteen minutes. Give the poor woman a follow anyway; an employment columnist is exactly the kind of friend we can all use, at least until the robots come for our jobs.

Which reminds us to segue into more robot uprising news coverage. That job, at least, is assured.

Speaking of news…

Robot kills a worker in Germany (ICYMI) (TheCryptosphere)

Warning: 255 fake and booby trapped onion sites (TorTalk)

Cameron reaffirms there will be no “safe spaces” from UK government snooping (ArsTechnica)

Here’s your summer vacation project: These Are The FBI’s Most Wanted Hackers — Total $4.2 Million Reward (TheHackerNews)

GCHQ spied on Amnesty International, Investigatory Powers Tribunal lied about it (BoingBoing)

Amnesty International responds (TheIntercept)

New release: NSA high priority targets for Germany (WikiLeaks)

Former DEA agent admits to stealing bitcoins, making rogue movie deal while investigating Silk Road (BusinessInsider)

My birthday’s coming up, people: With This Device You Can Connect Anonymously To Wi-Fi 2.5 Miles Away (Motherboard)

5 Don’ts for Bitcoin Startups (CoinTelegraph)

What’s the Meaning of Life If Society Doesn’t Need You Any Longer? (SingularityHub)

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