Coming downside of digital revolution – job loss, extreme inequality

Yes, there will be a polarization effect instead of the Digital Revolution we had hoped for. On the plus side, increasing disparity and income inequality are significant accelerants to revolution. So, there’s that.

Citizen Action Monitor

“I see 15-20 years from now…the vast majority of jobs start disappearing,” says Stanford technology expert

No 1378 Posted by fw, June 23, 2015

“In San Francisco – as elsewhere in the US – the speed at which top wage earners are pulling away from everyone else is becoming a major issue. According to Martin Ford, author of the new book The Rise of the Robots, ‘what you see is a few people essentially hoovering up all the income and all the success and everyone else kind of struggling. And one of the implications of digital technologies and the Internet is that more and more of the economy is coming to look like this.’”Bob Abeshouse, Aljazeera

Gripping 25-minute documentary video embedded below investigates the potential economic benefits for the few and social pitfalls for the many stemming from rapid advances in digital technology. Note, the accompanying reposted text has…

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