Operation Global Media Domination: The WikiLeaks Situation

Champ Kitteh via PetClassifieds.us

Champ Kitteh via PetClassifieds.us

WikiLeaks for the win!

Thanks to (finally) checking in with our dashboard, we now know that the next time we want to take three days off, we should write about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange just before heading offline, because it appears that we’ve been on the front page of Google News on searches for “Julian Assange” ever since our post Julian Assange’s Three Years in Ecuador in Knightsbridge went live.

This has, not surprisingly, driven veritable shit-tons of traffic to our humble news site, and for that we are deeply grateful. For failing to get any new articles up in the meantime, we are deeply apologetic, but you try moving several hundred miles with an injured hand and sleep deprivation and see where it gets you. Thirty-six glorious hours of sleep is the least we deserve, if you ask us. And send Champagne.

For the medicinal value.

Anyhoodle, it’s back to the salt mines for us now, and new articles coming tomorrow. Still on the fence about covering this OpWBC thingy…we have some pointed questions that need answering before we can definitively call it either irrevocably tainted or truly legit. And a couple of big stories are quietly developing in the background.

As they used to say on tv, when that was a Thing, Stand By For Action!

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