Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for June 23

The Internet Told Me To by id-iom on Flickr

The Internet Told Me To by id-iom on Flickr

Ah, the internet. A crazy habitrail of tubes, geeks, hatred and kittehs. It’s truly the Place Your Mother Warned You About, and now you have to go there every day. For work.

(and pr0n)

You’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. If Comcast cuts you off all those moments will be lost in time, like tears… in… rain. Time… to die…

Or, you know, you could just use OneTab, dude.

The preceding was not a paid product placement. Nobody paid us. Nobody ever pays us. Sob!

Enough babbling! Back to the salt mines!

The US Navy’s warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP (ITWorld)

ALL Airlines Have The Security Hole That Grounded Polish Planes (Wired)

U.S. Department of Defense developing UK hoverbike (TheStack)

Download o’ The Day: Cybersecurity for Dummies (HelpNet)

Password recovery scam tricks users into handing over email account access (Symantec)

When tech gets its Nader moment (Medium)

FOIA trial offers rare look into how FBI searches records, responds to requests (ReportersCommittee)

Why Discovering Martians Could Be Disappointing (Nautilus)

NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software In Order To Track Users (TechCrunch)

Samsung Smartphone users fall for fake viral video and end up destroying their NFC Chips (TechWorm)

1 in 3 data center servers is a zombie (ComputerWorld)

Got Chrome? Google Just Silently Downloaded This Onto Your Computer (WeAreChange)

It begins: Time Warner Cable first ISP accused of breaking America’s net neutrality rules (TheRegister)

Top Phishing Targets in June (Cyveillance)

Need an Iraq Strategy? Washington Has Tons of Bad Ideas (WarIsBoring)

“Free” Proxies Aren’t Necessarily Free (Krebs)

Panel to present findings on mysterious death of UN secretary general (IntelNews)

Bonus Download o’ the Day: Department of Homeland Security’s Quarterly Report to Congress (DHS)

Name-a-Drone Twitter contest:


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