Mining Racketeers Linked to Murder of Indian Journalist

After fighting and beating back 12 drummed-up criminal charges, Indian journalist Sandeep Kothari was finally abducted and killed, apparently by local organized crime gangs in retaliation for his crusading journalism. This is merely the latest in a string of attacks, often fatal, on journalists in India and across south-east Asia.


An Indian journalist was allegedly abducted and then burned to death by three men linked to an illegal sand-mining racket in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh over the weekend, the Press Trust of India news agency reports.

Sandeep Kothari, 40, who reported for local Hindi-language dailies in the region, is suspected to have been murdered because of his refusal to withdraw a court complaint against individuals involved in the mining racket, the police said.

“He wrote against and also lodged complaints against manganese and sand mafias and other high-and-mighty people involved in organized crimes,” Kishore Samrite, a former local lawmaker, told PTI, who added that Kothari’s actions had also led to him being falsely accused in as many as 12 criminal cases. “His family too was tormented by mafias.”

Kothari went missing on Friday, and police discovered his body near some railway tracks in the neighboring state…

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