Inside a SHU Cell

They call it SHU: Special Housing Unit. Sounds better than “The Hole,” which is what they used to call it.

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Shu CellThe dimensions of the cells in the Special Housing Unit at FCC Forrest City in Arkansas, a low security facility in the Bureau of Prisons Southwest Region are approximately 6-foot-by-9. The walls are painted off white and covered with gang graffiti of the prisoners who previously occupied the cell- LA from SURCO, El Cuate from the Border Brothers, Mudo from the Aztecas- and just like gang graffiti on the street, the previous occupant’s gang signs are X’d out when possible. But with limited writing materials in the SHU the gangbangers mark out what they can with what they have. It’s not the most ideal conditions for gang graffiti, but with nothing but time on their hands, prisoners can be innovative.

The floor of the cell is concrete and there are two windows to peer out at the world. One is a 24-by-6 inch slot in the cell door which gives…

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