Chelsea Manning: media and ‘celebrities’ pivotal to legal appeal/funds and pardon

Fascinating longread on the nature of Chelsea Manning’s legal funds, appeal, request for pardon and the role of (essentially) celebrity marketing in achieving those goals. Well worth the time to read, especially if you aren’t au courant with the situation and need a refresher.


Chelsea Manning Sketch 1Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning – the whistleblower who leaked details of US war crimes and, despite massive global support, was sentenced to an outrageous 35 years imprisonment – is lodging an appeal against conviction and jail sentence on several grounds. A campaign for a pardon from US President Obama is also underway. Yesterday, Manning tweeted (@xychelsea) how there is a shortfall of $100,000 to cover the legal expenses for the appeal. The mass media may be pivotal to how that money could be raised, given that leading newspapers around the world benefited from revenue raised as a result of articles based on data Manning released to Wikileaks (and thence to the media partners). Details of the legal appeal, together with specific ideas about what the media – and ‘celebrities’ – might do to help fund the appeal, are given below.

Currently there is a campaign underway to seek a Presidential…

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