Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for April 22

CyberMonaLisa by CannaBiod on worth1000

CyberMonaLisa by CannaBiod on worth1000

It’s a busy Hump Day here at The Cryptosphere global HQ: we have screaming hot Google news, Arab Spring fallout, new ways to catch the cops red-handed, and a staggeringly greedy, retroactive power grab by Big Tractor, not to mention the latest in hacktivism and cyberwar news.

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Excellent. Let’s proceed.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If it isn’t, Google’s about to throw you overboard. Test your site’s mobile friendliness here (Google)

Never interfere with your enemy when he is destroying himself. ISIS and the Taliban just called a Jihad on each other. (Khaama)

Gott Mit Uns 2.0: ZOMG! The enemy has hacktivists too! And just like In Real Life, we trained most of ’em. Where are my pearls? I must clutch something! (TheRegister)

Own a GM car or John Deere tractor? Yeah, well that’s what YOU think! GM and John Deere beg to differ. (AgainstCronyCapitalism)

Save Chelsea! From bankruptcy, by supporting her legal defense fund, which she is tweeting (Politico)

Gamergaters attempt to game Calgary Expo, and it’s Game Over for them as they are (politely) asked to leave. But it’s okay, Mom, they’ll always have their hashtags! (TheMarySue)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police always get their man…to leave the press conference…for hurting their feelings (Canadaland)

Aaron’s Law Rises! Thanks to a triumvirate of US Senators, the law named after the late Aaron Swartz is back on the table. Aaron’s Law aims to reintroduce the concepts of justice and proportion with regards to hacktivist sentencing guidelines. Aaron Swartz killed himself while awaiting trial for, essentially, sharing academic papers online. He faced 30 years in prison (RonWyden)

To catch a stingray! New device bills itself as a Stingray sniffer, can tell you when your cellphone is being spied on by police (ArsTechnica)

No, that’s not a typo. 90,000 New Yorkers applied for 55 affordable housing units in the highrise best known for featuring one door for the rich, and another for the “affordable” tenants (Gawker)

In The Continuing Saga of Arab Spring: Egypt’s former democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, is sentenced to 20 years for acting like a dictator (NYT)

“Stop Cyber Spying” campaign kicks off, telling the government loud and clear to mind their own business. Led by the Electronic Freedom Foundation and other activist groups, the campaign focuses on education and grassroots activism (StopCyberSpying)

Peek inside an anti-malware lab and take a close-up look at how the researchers at Sophos deal with the malware cycle over time. It’s like playing whack-a-mole, only the moles are invisible. (NakedSecurity)

From the Department of Optimistic Statistics comes news that one in four Americans has been victimized by Information Security breaches. (HelpNet)

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