Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 17

NSA INSIDE: all the NSA backdoored HDDs, posted by Edward Jomisko on Fedbook

NSA INSIDE: all the NSA backdoored HDDs, posted by Edward Jomisko on Fedbook

Happy Tuesday, kittens! It’s a happy day indeed in which I’m reunited with my computer and able to get back online. Now let’s catch up on all the news we missed since Friday; it’s been a busy, busy weekend in hackerdom.

NSA Inside! Russians reveal NSA cyberspying via your hardware (Reuters)

$175 Million in Bitcoin Stolen by Hackers (TheNextWeb)

Illusion in a Media Revolution: Race, Gangs, and Perceptions in Ferguson (Revo-News)

Biggest Bank Hack in History (Fossbytes)

Volunteer Feds (Jacobin)

The ISIS sex slave price lists (AnonHQ)

But wait, ISIS price list might be fake (Independent)

Mobile Revolution: Toward a History of Technology, Telephony and Political Activism in Egypt (CyberOrient)

The Truth About the Great Firewall of China (Guardian)

How Omnipotent NSA Hackers Hid for 14 Years and Were Revealed at Last (ArsTechnica)

Did GCHQ Illegally Spy on You? Sue Them via This Handy Site (PrivacyInternational)

 A History Of The Most Impractical Weapons Ever Used In War (oi9)

The Great Bank Heist, or Death by 1,000 Cuts (Krebs)

Obama wants to turn corporations into spyware (PCMag)

The Limits Of Cyber Threat Information Sharing (Forbes)

O Happy Day! CIA needs just 6 years to release unclassified data, not 28 (Politico)

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