Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto #News for Jan 13

Now that's fresh coffee by  Pete Spande on Flickr

Now that’s fresh coffee by Pete Spande on Flickr

PRAISE BE TO JUAN VALDEZ, there’s coffee in Cryptosphere Global HQ again!

We hope you’ll forgive us, kittens, for our late links on this fine morn afternoon, but we really couldn’t get going until a passing drone took pity on us and parachuted us some lovely espresso beans. Thanks, random, probably state-sponsored drone! You have our loyalty forever, buzzing skygod!

We are tanked up, jittery, and ready to rumble now, so here are your links to make sure you don’t do anything as radical as unplugging during lunch hour. I KID, I KID!

Nobody gets an hour anymore.

Download o’ the Day: The Emergence of Noopolitik: Toward An American Information Strategy (Rand)

Is TriCk up to his old tricks? Who hacked CENTCOM, really? (DailyMail) See our related article from yesterday

Silk Road Reloaded Ditches Tor and Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies (CoinTelegraph)

Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectable virus that “can’t be removed” (ZDNet)

Hotter than Lava: The Unsuspected Danger of Flashbang Grenades (ProPublica)

Crayola’s Facebook Page Got Hacked, and Oh My, Look at the Off-Color Posts (AdWeek)

Exclusive: Sneak Peek at CISPA 2015 (PirateTimes)

Leakers on the defensive (Politico)

Russian hacker Vladimir drinkman maybe exchanged for Edward Snowden (AboveTopSecret)

David Cameron’s internet surveillance plans rival Syria, Russia and Iran (Guardian)

Bitstamp Back Online, But Did Bitcoin Traders Return? (CoinDesk)

Hackers rob ATM systems with Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone (HackRead)

Terrorists Killed 2,000 People in Nigeria Last Week. So Why Doesn’t the World Care? (MIC)

Laundering Bitcoin on the Streets of New York (Kernel)

Harper preaches pushback against Islamists, and sells weapons to the Middle East (VancouverObserver)

Paris Attacks: Don’t Blame These Atrocities on Security Failures (UnzReview)

Times Reporter Prevails in Three-Year Fight Over CIA Leak (Bloomberg)

Amanda Lang tried to sabotage a CBC story that scandalized RBC, who paid her (CanadaLand)

Turn your smartphone into a sniper’s scope with this app (Inteliscope)

Here’s What Happens When You Install the Top 10 Apps (HowToGeek)

Reporters Without Borders stands with all the Charlies of the world (RWB)

#Assange and #Snowden are not to blame for Paris bloodbath (WikiLeaks)


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