Month: January 2015

Dissent By Design

Originally posted on The Dish:
Cassie Packard reviews Disobedient Objects, an exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum devoted to examining “the powerful role of objects in movements for social change”: The disobedient objects in the exhibition range from the more…

Blackhat: a Hacker’s Movie Review

Today’s review of Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” is by well-known activist and actor/producer Joe Fionda. Welcome to the Cryptosphere, Joe; I knew I’d break you eventually! “Blackhat” is an international hacker caper directed by Michael Mann, centering around a federally convicted hacker… Read More ›

Myst Linking Book

Originally posted on Hackaday:
[Daniel] was looking for a special gift to make for his close friend. His friend is a huge fan of the Myst franchise which made the decision easy — why not make a Myst Linking Book? After doing…