Survival Gear and the Old Man and the Sea

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

Well now, that’s not exactly fair. I think I’m the same age as him.

But thrill as you watch intrepid Canadian reporter and host Rick Mercer, along with his faithful sidekick Doctor Popsicle, facing down the denizens of the deep and shrugging off the numbing North Pacific depths in this report recorded at Mustang Survival, a protection-wear manufacturer in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, BC.

Mercer, it should be noted, is an original BAMF, and frightened of nothing. He’s bared all (in the snow, with a gun) to help raise funds for the Canadian women’s Olympic biathlon team. He’s even gone suit shopping with Don Cherry. Clearly, he is long over the concept of public shame or anticipatory terror.

Now watch as this fearless fellow faces what would be certain death, but for his buxom Pokemon suit from Mustang.

Featured Image via Rick Mercer on Twitter

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