Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for Jan 19

Cyber invaders: Desktop by  Charis Tsevis on Flickr

Cyber invaders: Desktop by Charis Tsevis on Flickr

Happy Monday, kittens! It’s a good day, as long as you’re not a French Muslim extremist, a formerly-confidential informant, an indicted but not yet convicted hacker, or a Lizard Squaddie. Why? Well, those particular types of people are having, quite frankly, a shitty week and it is, we remind you, only Monday.

Don’t worry; you, me, and the coffee pot are in the free and clear and ready to get a jump on the week. Let’s roll!

Anonymous’ OpCharlieHebdo takes out French extremist site (TheScotsman)

That time I got kicked OUT of prison (BarrettBrown)

When Computer Gaming Kills (SydneyMorningHerald)

YOU! Get prison for hacking. And YOU! get prison for hacking! And YOU…. (ArsTechnica)

iPod Nano repurposed for ATM hacking (Engadget)

Lizard Squad Lair Hacked, Lizard Sacked (Krebs)

Why Bitcoin is NOT like the Internet (LinkedIn)

A Robot Chicken Animator Turned a Nintendo Power Glove Into the Ultimate Stop-Motion Animation Tool (FastCo)

“Layering” is a new form of stock market fraud that takes advantage of the speed of light (CBC)

The richest 1% own more than the other 99% put together (BBC)

Facetime, WhatsApp, Snapchat might become illegal terrorism props if Cameron passes new laws (TheIndependent)

Your Home is Your Prison: A Survivor Speaks (Tomgram)

Jihadi terrorists or bad code? French media not sure WHO to hysterically blame for tangodowns (TheRegister)

Welcome to the Titanic: Expensive Bitcoin Mining Rigs Underwater (MIT)

The Robot Wars have begun: Swiss Police arrest a bot (DeepDotWeb)

Bitcannon: Roll-your-own Pirate Bay clone (TorrentFreak)

Bitcoin Takes it in the Shorts (CoinTelegraph)



Featured Image Cyber invaders: Desktop by Charis Tsevis on Flickr

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