Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Old Master News

Cyborg Madonna by seriykotik1970 on Flickr

Cyborg Madonna by seriykotik1970 on Flickr

Come to think of it “The Old Master” would be a pretty good hacker name. Too bad I’ve doubled down on @F*ckS4boo.

But it’s a new dawn, kittens. Time to face it bravely, armed with nothing more than your own steely resolve and a bunch of pixels dancing across a screen, feeding information directly to your synapses. And, as always, the strong beverage of your choice; Kenya AAA is good, absinthe, not so much. Not before 9am anyway.

We are civilized, after all. We are not savages. The stuff you can get in the States just isn’t good enough for breakfast.

To the links, kittens!

100 year old photos of Antarctic expedition found frozen in block of ice (BoredPanda)

The Unknowable Country: The feds have never wanted Canadians to understand freedom of information (J-Source)

Hire-a-hacker site can’t stay online (NYT)

Another Lizard pinched, customer list leaked (TechCrunch)

Hackers Unite! Blakdayz issues call to action (GDocs)

Siri-ous problem: Researchers Use Siri to Steal Data From iPhones (SecurityWeek)

Argentina President Accused Of Covering Up Iran Terrorist Attack (WealthX)

The evidence the FBI and NSA are using to pin Sony attacks on NK is five years old (NYT)

Snowden leaks NSA cyberwar plans (Spiegel)

Will consumers adopt a digital financial conscience? (Pymnts)

From Gitmo to an American Supermax, the Horrors of Solitary Confinement (VanityFair)

In Wake of Cameron’s Proposed Anti-Encryption Scheme, Leaked U.S. Study Says Crypto Crucial for Protecting Private Data (CoinTelegraph)

The History of the Internet as seen through copyright policy (TorrentFreak)

SEC Pokes Hole in Argument It’s Too Slow to Get Grip on Markets (Bloomberg)

A Credit Card Fraud Primer (Krebs)


Lizard Squad; not quite dead yet, claims Aussie travel insurance hack (TheRegister)

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