Intewebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 22

Not the droid we were looking for but everybody wanted him taken down so we went for it.

Not the droid we were looking for but everybody wanted him taken down so we went for it.

Happy Monday, kittens! I hope you’re stocking up on the seasonal coffee-based beverages while you can. Eggnog lattes, like crocuses, are a fleeting pleasure. So are news links, so in that wistful holiday spirit, here is all the news you need to get caught up today.

Oh, and stay tuned for our debunking of the “Anonymous threatens Iggy Azalea” hoax. It’s time to give that ridiculous yarn and its equally-ridiculous source the Old Yeller treatment.

The Pirate Bay is back, extra-piratical (TorrentFreak)

TOR users beware: a spy report from the field (Gmane)

More on Morgellon’s than you ever dreamed of reading; but seriously good (Medium)

TOR under attack (TechWorm)

Liveblogging the Brooklyn Police Shooting (NYT)

Almost half of Americans have been sent breach notifications (Pymnts)

CIA is good with CIA spying, torture, outcomes, says CIA (Gawker)

Koch Brothers’ astroturf to kill Net Neutrality (SunlightFoundation)

What if it isn’t North Korea behind the Sony hack (LATimes)

TOR based botnets? Sure, why not? (DarkMatters)

Skateboards hacked, hipsters faceplant (TheRegister)

How the Iraq War began in Panama (TomDispatch)

A 3D Printed Moon Base: Science Fiction or Science Fact? (SingularityHub)

Congress Could Blow Billions on Obsolete Tactical Nukes (WarIsBoring)

Hedge Funders being assholes about Bitcoin (CoinDesk)



Featured Image via Anthony Perez on Facebook

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