Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 19 GOD WHERE DID DECEMBER GO?

Elf on a Shelf playing with knives

Elf on a Shelf playing with knives

Happy Friday, kittens! We’re headed into the last weekend before Christmas, and you know what that means: driving ten minutes to the mall and spending two hours looking for a parking space. While your hands are on the wheel (along with Jesus’ who does not even have a license I mean god, why wouldn’t you ask someone qualified to take the wheel) toss the tablet to the shotgunner and have them read out the headlines so that at least it’s not an hour lost.

To paraphrase famed cyberwar expert Peg Bracken, it is better to have an hour of boredom and a superficial understanding of hacktivism and cyberwar news than just an hour of boredom. Amirite?

Wired hacked? Or did they just bounce a cheque to their web designer? (Wired)

The Case of the Curious Images (OUDigitalHumanities)

The FBI reverses itself, now says “North Korea totes hacked Sony. Like, totes. For real.” (Cryptome)

Bitcoin is not ready for its Brazilian (CoinDesk)

Why, Where And How To Start Programming And Approach To Hacking (AnonHQ)

Why the World Needs Anonymous (MIT)

New York City Cops Seek Federal Court Approval to Mass Arrest Protesters Without Warning (AlterNet)

Is ISIS pro-syphilis? (Gawker)

Turkey’s Army of Spin (FP)

Crucial Spy in Cuba Paid a Heavy Cold War Price (NYT)

Ex-Palo Alto VA official indicted in bribery case (StarsAndStripes)

CIA’s No. 2 tapped to be deputy national security adviser (WaPo)

Why Police Spying On Americans Is Everyone’s Problem (DefenseOne)

The Sony hack was a mere password crack? (CNN Warning autoplay video)

Google: Hollywood Is ‘Trying to Secretly Censor the Internet’ (NationalJournal)

Property Tycoon Thomas Kwok Found Guilty Of Corruption (Wealth-X)

What is 4-D Printing? (Kurzweil)

Anatomy of a NYT Piece on the Sony Hack and Attribution (CurmudgeonlyWays)

America needs Team America World Police more than ever (DailyBeast)

Patton’s Christmas Prayer and the Reality of War (WarOnTheRocks)

The Box: A teen’s horrifying tale of solitary confinement at Rikers (Fusion)

The Open Bay: Now anyone can run a Pirate Bay clone (TorrentFreak)

Shutting down Bittorrent is now impossible (DangerousMinds)

Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banks (BankInfoSecurity)

How Cybercriminals Dodge Email Authentication (SecurityIntelligence)

Operation Lionfish II Nets Major Haul Of Drugs, Weapons and Chemical Precursors (HSToday)

Librarians Are Continuing To Defend Open Access To The Web As A Public Service (TechDirt)


Featured Image Elf on a Shelf Playing with Knives by Michael Kappel on Flickr

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