WATCH: Bank robbery fails because thief cannot lift bag of money

Fitness, people. It’s SO important. Something tells me this guy has a ton of experience at GTA and none IRL.

Global News

ABOVE: See the newly-released surveillance camera footage of the bank robbery foiled after the thief cannot heft his stolen bag of cash

Never has the phrase “doing all the heavy lifting” been so literally – and comically – true.

Surveillance camera footage has been released of a bank robbery in China that went from dangerous to comical after the would-be thief discovered his plan had a critical flaw: he wasn’t able to lift his bag of stolen cash.

Armed with a replica gun, the 29-year-old robber waited outside the doors of a bank in China’s Huludao City of Liaoning Province this past March.

Wearing a helmet and face-covering mask, the man waited for the armored van to drop off cash on the morning on March 29.

At around 8:00 a.m., the man sprung into action when the van arrived to make its weekly delivery.

He sprayed gasoline into the face…

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