Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 3

Elf on shelf on cross examination

Happy hump day, kittens. I don’t know what it’s like chez vous, but chez moi it’s frosty enough to rime your reason, particularly before the first coffee of the day. In consequence, I will be writing up today’s news links while performing jumping jacks. Hard to keep your wpm up that way, but at least I won’t freeze in place.

Convicted Insider Trader Already Gearing Up To Be A Hedge Fund Manager Again (Dealbreaker)

Should scientists attempt to create artificial life? (SingularityHub)

HSBC severs links with firm behind Bitcoin fund (BBC)

Iraq Says It Paid Salaries to 50,000 “Soldiers” Who Didn’t Actually Serve in the Army (Slate)

Ferguson protesters in Portland seek to build on, learn from Occupy Wall Street movement (TheOregonian)

Scumbag jailed for a year in California revenge porn first (TheRegister)

Coordinated cyber attacks on global critical infrastructure exposed (HelpNet)

Google’s Intelligence Designer (MIT)

What Happens When You Pose as the Defense Secretary on Twitter? (DefenseOne)

What Is a True Threat on Facebook? (NYT)

Nuke missileer 1st to be charged in drug probe (AP)

“Support the Troops” in Germany and the United States (WarOnTheRocks)

Download o’ the Day: Warring State: China’s Cybersecurity Strategy (CNAS)

If the U.S. military is expanding in Iraq, why isn’t it embedding journalists? (WaPo)

Hawkwind’s ‘Galactic Tarot’ deck, 1971 (DangerousMinds)

Australian Federal Investigators Look at Bitcoin’s Organized Crime Role (CoinDesk)

St. Louis Police Claim It’s Their ‘First Amendment’ Rights Not To Protect Football Players Who Supported Protestors (TechDirt)

Lizard Squad claims another victim (CBRonline)

Is Israel behind the Regin cyberthreat? (MiddleEastMonitor)

Here’s What We Know About North Korea’s Cyberwar Army (Re/Code)

‘Bone-Chilling’ Research Suggests Iran Gearing Up To Avenge Stuxnet Hacks (Forbes)

Iran-Backed Hackers Target Airports, Carriers: Report (Bloomberg)


Featured Image via Vancouver Police Department on Facebook

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