Infographic: Tracking Down ISIS

From the people at SecurityDegreeHub comes this quick-update Infographic outlining the history, origin, and spread of ISIS. We like it when people send us actually useful content. And besides, our infographic-making process involves scratching with a burnt stick on our cave walls.

Tracking Down ISIS

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  1. Al-Baghdadi’s wife and daughter were arrested/kidnapped in the last day{reported today by the BBC}to be used as a bargaining chip in the release of Lebanese prisoners held by ISIS….never a highly recommended idea to try bargaining with ISIS,he’ll let them hold his family as long as possible.They claim to care purely about Holy Jihad,but clearly Oil and Gas play a major part too.
    America set these guys up as the replacement to Russia in the people’s minds as the ‘big enemy of the free world’
    ISIS wouldn’t exist without the military actions of the U.S. army/Air Force ,they’d all be back at their day jobs if America hadn’t raepd their land…


  2. Sadly though @Raincoaster,the U.S. just either don’t learn,or,and I believe is the case,they plain don’t gaf.
    And ur damn right,he won’t bargain,they don’t bargain,they don’t have t.They have almost unlimited financial power,and their military hardware is mostly ex U.S. hardware gifted to the pussy Iraqi military who leave all the shit for IS to take…you’d think they’d have the sense to at least place explosives in the vehicles to render them unusable,if they’re gonna run,they won’t be comin back for their humvees.Frankly,the U.S. Army/Airforce deserve what’s happening.
    Ignorance in that part of the world costs lives and also puts them back 3-5yrs every time something like that happens.The Iraqi army was clearly poorly trained by the U.S. Trainers,or they’d have stood their ground and fight IS off.
    Unfortunately the fear of capture by IS and subsequent beheading is enough to get the men running.
    Ironically ,the YPJ ,the Kurdish women’s defence army(listed by the U.S. as a terrorist organisation,hence the American bombing of YPJ positions in their first air strikes in Iraq against IS,dumb bastards.Theyve now agreed to help arm and train them.
    That’s not the answer.Infrastructure repairs and command structures in the field need working on.If regional military commanders were put in control of local anti IS missions ,they’d break the IS leadership moar quickly.
    The article about the History Of ISIS/ISIL/IS was amazing.
    Thanks for articles like that,this emagazine is the shit mate keep up the great work.


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