Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 2

memex from DARPA

memex from DARPA

Happy Tuesday, kittens! After some delays and detours caused by hardware failure, travel, and a teensy police incident, your Cryptosphere is back, baby! Didja miss us? Today we are coming to you from the retro-swank lobby of Hotel Zed in lovely Victoria, BC. It’s a little hard to describe but if Austin Powers were the set designer on the Brady Bunch, this is where they would have lived.

Let’s get right to the links so I can get right back to doing those so-controversial interviews. Coming soon: OpDeathEater!

How to Hack a Metrocard (

Selling Fear: How Cyberterrorism Is Sold (Norse)

FBI Warns of Destructive Malware in Wake of Sony Hack (Reuters)

Lizard Squad DDoS’s Sony Xbox Live Gaming Servers (TechWorm)

Protesters Using Tech to Run Rings Around Cops (NYPost)

Anonymous – Exposing UK Pedophilia Ring in #OpDeathEaters (AnonHQ)

FBI Digs Up Antiquated 1798 Law to Demand Smartphone Data Decryption from Google and Apple (TechWorm)

Sony Breach May Have Exposed Employee Healthcare, Salary Data (Krebs)

Possible Related Malware to Sony Breach (PacketNinjas)

Modi Takes Back Lead from Ferguson Protesters in TIME’s Person of the Year Poll (Time)

Hackers Leak US Document Scans With Plans to Supply Weapons to Kiev (SputnikNews)

Edward Snowden Wins Swedish Human Rights Award for NSA Revelations (Guardian)

Anonymous Issues Lists of Demands To The Cleveland Police Department (CounterCurrentNews)

Look That Gift USB in the Mouth (Shhh-cretly)

Kim Jong Un’s Aunt Died After Heated Phone Call With Nephew (Wealth-X)

Defense Secretary: Does ANYONE Want This Job? (BreakingDefense)

The Supreme Court Debates Rap Lyrics to Draw a Line on Criminalizing Online Speech (NationalJournal)

Is Uber’s rider database a sitting duck for hackers? (WaPo)

Did Hackers Gain an Edge on Wall Street? (WSJ)

What Happens When Spies Can Eavesdrop on Any Conversation? (DefenseOne)

CIA Torture Report ‘Days’ Away, Feinstein Says (DailyBeast)

Why Is the FBI Still Targeting Petraeus? (Bloomberg)

Former al Qaida hostage recounts nightmare – of dealing with FBI (McClatchy)

Download o’ the Day: Profiling ISIS (Brookings)

Did North Korea Hack Sony? (TheVerge)

Top 10 Failed Defense Programs of the RMA Era (WarOnTheRocks)

Kim Dotcom Announces New US Political Party (TorrentFreak)

Charities and Businesses Unite to Launch Bitcoin Giving Tuesday (CoinDesk)

Casino Capitalism, Nevada-Style (TomDispatch)

Anonymous Launches Successful Cyberattack against Ft. Lauderdale in Retaliation for Anti-Homeless Legislation (SunSentinel)

Meet Operation Deathclick (InfosecInstitute)

10 Deadliest Differences of State-Sponsored Attacks (CSOOnline)

If You Don’t Mind A Little Perjury, You Can Convict Two People For The Same Crime (TechDirt)

The Hackers’ Bounty – How Much Do Cybercriminals Make from Innocent Users? (BizTechAfrica)

After a Decade Waiting, UK Man Set for Terror Camp Trial (Bloomberg)

Rogue Spy’s Handler “Rogue Spy Went Rogue” (IntelNews)

What Makes Today’s Terrorists Tick? (Intelgroup)

Ferguson, Obama and American Democracy (CounterPunch)


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