Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 26

Season's Greetings from Ferguson, Missouri

Season’s Greetings from Ferguson, Missouri

Happy hump day, kittens. Don’t worry: with the help of enough bracing beverages and news links, you’ll get over it and on the smooth downhill slide to Thursday. After that, who knows? Maybe Friday!

Introducing better ideas is far more effective than any censorship or weapon (CyberDefenseMagazine) (IsOaklandBurning)

White people rioting over stupid shit (Storify)

University threatens foreign students who protest (Ricochet)

Canadian newspaper defies censorship, publishes name of girl bullied to suicide (Jezebel)

Racket Teen! (Tumblr)

One Racket shut down for good (NYMag)

Prosecutor Lays The Blame For The Ferguson Debacle At The Feet Of ‘Social Media’ (TechDirt)

The DHS Cyber Student Initiative (HSToday)


How a virus demanding a bitcoin ransom almost destroyed a public radio station’s archives (NiemanLab)

Old money meets new money: a Mellon joins Bitcoin advocacy group (TheHill)

5 online scams to watch out for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday (NakedSecurity)

Siberian cops consider deputizing reindeer (UPI)

Cyber Security Needs Its Ralph Nader (DarkReading)

How to short a chicken (Bloomberg)

Are ex-hackers the answer to addressing the cyber security skills gap? (ComputerWeekly)

The Kracken wakes! And helps find MtGox’s missing Bitcoin (Coindesk)


Featured Image Season’s Greetings from Ferguson Missouri by RacketTeen on Tumblr

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