Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for August 16

Call me the rope man

Call me the rope man

Welcome to Tuesday! Today’s a big Long Reads day, so you’d best warm up your cogitation muscles by skimming over I MEAN DEEP READING our news roundup headlines. Enjoy your daily ritual of cyberwar and crypto news before the drama of the day starts, knowing you can face down any of it, having already dealt with ISIS, WikiLeaks, Snowden, Anonymous, and hackers before you even finished your coffee.

The Benghazi Whistleblower Who Might Have Revealed a Massive Scandal on his Poetry Blog (Slate)

Comcast swears it’s not throttling TOR users (Comcast)

Stanford engineers aim to connect the world with ant-sized radios (Stanford)

Cyber risk management: A boardroom issue (SCMagazine)

Inside the Former Soviet Union’s Secret Nuclear Test Cities (Gizmodo)

A School District Bought An 18-Ton MRAP Because The World Is Insane (FoxtrotAlpha)

LIVE: The Moment of Truth – Snowden,Greenwald, Kim Dotcom (AnonSweden)

Freenode the popular IRC network suffers breach (Techworm)

DARPA testing planes with a ‘Star Wars’-style laser cannon (CNET)

“Ingenuity” Could Not Prevent Atom Bomb Espionage (FAS)

LinkedIn Feature Exposes Email Addresses (Krebs)

Pentagon Sneaking Fighters, Gunships and a Giant Bomb Into the Budget (WarIsBoring)

Which Of Your Colleagues Is Going To Send You To Prison? (Dealbreaker)

Snowden, Dotcom, throw bombs into NZ election campaign (TheRegister)


Featured Image Call Me The Rope Man by Brett Davies on Flickr

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