Harper government dismisses ‘ridiculous’ allegations that it covered up the deaths of ‘rogue’ Canadian spies

Canada’s former spy chief cools his heels in a Panamanian jail cell, awaiting extradition on fraud charges, alleges spy death coverup he blames on Harper, and nobody has made this into an opera yet? COME ON PEOPLE!

National Post | News

The federal government said Monday allegations that it covered up the capture and killings of a handful of “rogue” Canadian spies were “unsubstantiated” and “ridiculous.”

The allegations are contained in a new autobiography by Arthur Porter, the former chair of Canada’s spy watchdog agency, who is currently in jail in Panama facing extradition to this country on fraud charges connected to a McGill University hospital project.

In his memoirs, titled The Man Behind the Bow Tie, Porter alleges that a country “that was not exactly a close friend of Canada” captured a handful of Canadian agents who, without approval, had been taking photos of tanks and other military equipment. He does not identify the country or provide a time frame.

The agents were subsequently tortured and hanged, Porter wrote. “We had to keep the truth of how they died from their families, telling them instead that they fell off…

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