Tweet o’ the Day: Snowden, Stone, and Recursion

Wait for it, people. Just wait. Dear Oliver Stone, You are not allowed to complain when the Snowden script is leaked. — MysteryTVWritersAsst (@MysteryTVWrtrAs) October 9, 2014

Friday CyberFilms: Four Lions

We’re familiar with the concept of ruthless, unstoppable jihadis laying waste to Western values, culture, and lives; it’s how the Pentagon gets its money. We’re less familiar with the concept of jihadi wannabes, particularly in the context of comedy. Meet… Read More ›

Defcon Pwn

So, this is how the Defcon Hacking Conference is going for someone today:   In short, s/he was using a Wifi Pineapple to try to do some of the mentioned-in-that-link nefarious stuff to the wifi at the conference. Instead of… Read More ›