Instant Karma, Internet-Style

Let’s take a hypothetical: say, you’re a self-proclaimed whistleblower and security conference attendee with a Twitter account, a highly-strung nature, and roughly 300 followers. We’ve all been at those conferences. We know what they’re like. Maybe you’re a little bored;… Read More ›

Crypto-Affirmations: GoPro

From Aussie comedian, reverend, and Julian Assange co-star Sean Bedlam comes today’s Crypto-Affirmation: We attached a GoPro to your sense that everything is spiralling into nothing. — Rev. Sean Bedlam (@seanbedlam) November 2, 2014 Strikes the right note for Monday,… Read More ›

How to Go to Hell

Cyberpunk? Check. Alt Comix? Check. Burnng Man? Check. Twilight films? Nope. OH THANK GOD THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR ME! Very servicey, 9Gag! How many of these can you tick off? Can anyone fill out their entire card and win a… Read More ›