Best Images from #Anonymous #OpKKK

OpKKK: Raise your hand if you're having trouble logging into your Twitter account

OpKKK: Raise your hand if you’re having trouble logging into your Twitter account

Okay, maybe Anonymous didn’t really hijack the KKK’s Twitter account, but they scored one hell of a propaganda victory by convincing most news junkies that they had. And this is just plain funny.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, click on those two links for a quick refresher of the ongoing battles between the Ku Klux Klan and Anonymous, which launched #OpKKK and the true-identity-revealing sub-project #HoodsOff in response to Klan klaims to “protect” St Louis from rabid Darren Wilson protestors. Wilson is the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot Michael Brown to death; today will likely decide whether murder charges are laid against him.

If we missed any of your favourite images, you can post them as links in the comments as long as they are on one line by themselves. If they’re a Facebook or Twitter link, they should show up. If not, just post the link to the image and I’ll see if I can’t edit your comment to make the image display.

Let’s start with a rewritten page (via Feminist Hacker Barbie) of the new, and horrible, Barbie Computer Programmer book.

Ah, #ConeSec, the mysterious cabal of dangerous, shadowy Anon agitators. The 1% are on their guard.

If completely clueless. #ConeSec is perhaps best thought of as the Lulz Division of IRL protest, something which has been lacking given the grim events of late, and is definitely needed. They are comparable to the Tent Monsters of Occupy Melbourne, who took to wearing tents as clothing when the police attempted to enforce a “no tents” rule at the site.

But now, 4 srs:

Who you gonna call?

And who doesn’t like a little fine vintage now and again?


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