#OpKKK from #Anonymous Continues in the Lead-Up to the Darren Wilson Ruling

OpKKK Calvin and Yobs

OpKKK Calvin and Yobs

“We are not Internet-based. If they want to come after us, they have to come out onto the streets,” said KKK Imperial Grand Wizard Frank Ancona. He didn’t have to wait long for a response from the Internet Hate Machine.

It’s still being reported in the media that OpKKK successfully seized “the official Twitter account” of the KKK, but increasingly (as we suggested Monday) that appears to be at best mistaken. This is looking more and more like a highly successful propaganda operation, the takedown of an Anonymous-controlled straw man account set up years ago. Still, there are a few real-world consequences to #OpKKK and its subsection, #HoodsOff, as we shall see.

“Jojo” is Joseph Camp, a player in the internecine struggles on the hacktivist scene and man who has never yet been known to shy away from internet drama. Here’s the Soundcloud recording of his nearly 40-minute call to the KKK.

Well, they would deny it was an important account, wouldn’t they? But an anonymous (as opposed to Anonymous) source corroborates the claim, saying the account, @KuKluxKlanUSA, was created two years ago by Anon2World, who is currently on Twitter suspension.

Whoever it is or was, they certainly have that patented lulzy style, tweeting links to a “reformed KKK recruitment video” for people of all races.

Possibly NSFLunch. Sorry.

For podcast enthusiasts, #OpKKK was the top story on AnonUKEire Radio as well:

Dox were dropped on Grand Wizard Ancona today from @IlluminatiAnons, a newcomer on the scene, having signed up November 15. It’s a good strategy, if you’re dropping dox that could get your account suspended, to do so from a throwaway account, thus saving your real one for amplification and protecting it from Twitter’s increasingly aggressive takedown team.

In addition to financial and criminal records of one Dylan Davis (for no reason I could determine by press time), they also posted a ruthlessly thorough Pastebin dox of Ancona, parts of which have made it as far abroad as the Times of India, which saw fit to print his Mastercard number, expiry date, and PIN number. The dox was updated three times, each time with more and more invasive, information. The Anon account claimed it was giving him time to surrender, but that its patience was wearing thin.

As for the actual, real, KKK website (not the KKKK one Anon claimed as a TANGODOWN on Monday), it’s really, truly, offline. Despite Cloudflare protection. The site has been offline for three straight hours that I have been able to confirm. The Cloudflare protection screen pops up, and then you are redirected to an error page. Website TANGODOWN. For nerds: the Bluehost-hosted site was first registered in 2009 and the domain is managed by WildWestDomains.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.25.04 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.25.04 PM

But the firefight was not entirely one-sided. Remember, this whole mess started when the KKK started handing out fliers in and around Ferguson, saying they would be there when the ruling came down on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson for murder.

And then threatening more.

They even had a pastebin of their own which has had over 2000 reads. It starts out talking about love, loyalty, and whiteness. Then the true colours come through.

You, you’re hiding behind pathetic masks, trying your best to disable to the Klan, which will never happen.
Now let us tell you, we’ve paid people inside your little pathetic group “Anonymous” for your information, and from what has been given to us already, the main leaders of this #OpKKK have already been identified.

[doxes of Commander X and TrezSec follow]

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You pathetic nigger lovers are going down.

If you want war, we will give you war, not online, but on the streets, we will hunt you down and tear those masks from your face.

You’ll be strung up next to the chimps.

The Klan is to be feared, not threatened. Turn away, or face the consequences.

To Anonymous and the people of Ferguson, we will see you on the streets.

Signed and dated
The Grand Wizard –
Frank Ancona
Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

Gee, that almost doesn’t sound like they have the best interests of the people of Ferguson at heart after all.

The funniest part of the document is the dox of Commander X who, it may be remembered, has been profiled in The New Yorker where he was identified as “Commander X” and also identified by his civilian name, Christopher Doyon. That must have been a tough one to track down, eh? As for TrezSec, he says the dox attempt was a fail.

Oh, Frank. If I were going to be teasing the tiger that way, I’d probably spring for the $200 a month Cloudflare Business Plan instead of cheaping out on the freebie. I’m just sayin’.


Featured Image via KatG4 on Twitter

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