Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 20

Escher on iPad

Escher on iPad

Welcome to Thursday, kittens! Just over a month to go till the holidays; you got my list, right? RIGHT? It’s the one that starts with “pony” and ends with “Julian Assange.”

To while away the hours waiting for the happy parcels to arrive, here are the top news links for this grand morning.

Presidential pardon for a whistleblower? (FAS)

Such Critical Infrastructures: FBI feeds Anonymous IRC channels to CIA, Pentagon intel, NSA, NORTHCOM in 2012 Intel memo (HongPong)

Barbie, the Computer Engineer; Subtitle: Barbie F*cks it up again (Gizmodo)

Feminist Hacker Barbie fixes f*cked up Barbie (TheVerge)

Cyber-terrorism as a strategy (Norse)

American ‘police state’ not just hyperbole (DigitalJournal)

Bankers are honest until they’re reminded they’re banksters (NYT)

Sidewalk cyclists are machete-wielding sociopaths: PROOF! (VancouverPD)

Robo-surgeon takes on baldness (IEEE)

The siege of Julian Assange is a farce – a special investigation (Pilger)

Court Order Shuts Down Alleged $120M Tech Support Scam (SecurityWeek)

Feds Indict Another Person For Teaching People How To Beat Polygraph Tests (Techdirt)

Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: ‘Staggering disparity’ (USAToday)

Uber executives still creepy and stalkerish towards journos (Dealbreaker)

That’s a lotta staples! Ex-Schwab broker barred for alleged theft of $1 million in office supplies (InvestmentNews)

Does humankind’s progress depend upon the even distribution of technology? (SingularityHub)

We Love the Pentagon’s ‘Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure’ (WarIsBoring)

Chances Are the FBI Has Files on Your Favorite Human Rights Activist (CounterPunch)

What Exploded Over Russia This Time? (Slate)

A Canadian Crown Corporation launders money through Luxembourg:




Featured Image Fingerpainting. Escher Revisited by Joseandrés Guijarro via Flickr

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