#takedownjulienblanc Movement Scores Several Notches in the Keyboard Wars

First they drove him from Australia. Then they made Japan too hot to hold him, forcing him to put his bookings there on indefinite hold. Then they did the same with his Canadian tour. Then hotel chain after hotel chain banned his seduction seminars. Now Blighty has banned Julien Blanc, the infamous himbo pick up artiste whose personal hashtag is #chokinggirlsaroundtheworld and whose seminars on bedding women have plummeted from a lucrative $3000 a seat to a mere $500.

The Home Office “has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good,” a spokesperson told the Independent.

And let’s not to mention the time his locum got beaten up by Australian activists while attempting to lead a seminar on his “proven techniques,” techniques which include grabbing the heads of strangers and shoving them in his crotch, or backing them up against a wall and putting his hands around their throats, and so on.

Try doing that to a man at a bar and see what happens.

Julien Blanc Choke Opener

Julien Blanc Choke Opener

Well, it’s not exactly consequence-free to do it to women, either, as Blanc and his colleagues at parent company RSD found to their chagrin. The much-promoted and frequently sold-out seminars have, since Jenn Li’s hashtag #takedownjulienblanc first trended, gone virtual.

That’s right. Julien Blanc no longer appears at Julien Blanc seminars.

As Global News reported:

Embattled Real Social Dynamics (RSD) has reportedly cancelled its live seminars because it fears for the safety of its  instructors.

According to customer service representative David Latos, the controversial seminars will now be streamed live on YouTube using Twitter as a platform for asking questions.

“There will not be an actual in-person event for the time being until we are 100% sure that our instructors are not in harms way,” Latos wrote in a response to an inquiry via the RSD website.

While being virtual has its advantages, it also has disadvantages, with discounted price foremost among them. It also puts Blanc firmly in hacktivist territory, his YouTube account (RSDJulien) and those of RSD collegues vulnerable to malicious takedown notices and fake DMCA notifications, among other exploitable vulnerabilities.

Is going virtual just the first step towards going dark? There are plenty of nations which feature an active nightclub scene and a tolerance for sexual violence where Blanc could continue to ply his trade profitably, although he may have to re-jigger his online registration system to accept roubles or dirhams instead of dollars and pounds.

In the meantime, the Swiss resident might prefer to avail himself of the benefits of a neutral country. It seems like all of the rest are saying No.

And No means No, Julien.

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